5th International Сonference

"Conservation of Forest
Genetic Resources"

Gomel, Belarus, October 2–7, 2017   

Information about the conference

Belarus National Academy of Sciences
Division of Biological Sciences
Leading Scientific and Applied Center of Forest Biotechnologies
Institute of Forest of the NAS of Belarus
Scientific Council of the RAS on Forest problems
Federal Forestry Agency of Russia
International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO)
V.N. Sukachev Institute of Forest of the Russian Academy of Sciences and its West Siberian office
N.I. Vavilov Institute of General Genetics of the RAS
Georg-August University of Goettingen

Dear Colleagues!

We kindly invite you to participate in the Fifth International Conference “Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources”, held in Gomel, October 2–7, 2017.

The conference will take place on October 2–7, 2017 at the Institute of Forest of the NAS of Belarus in Gomel and will be dedicated to the memory of recently deceased outstanding scientists Zinaida Serafimovna Podzharova (Belarus), Nikolay Vasilyevich Glotov and Anatoly Ilyich Iroshnikov (Russia), who has made invaluable contribution to forest genetics, breeding and population biology.

At the conference information on innovative approaches in conservation, reproduction and rational use of forest genetic resources (FGR), protection of forests and increase in their efficiency and stability in the conditions of the changing environment will be provided and discussed; the international experience of scientific, educational and forestry enterprises on studying and preservation of FGR will be generalized; problems of practical applications of modern scientific achievements in 2 conservation of FGR and the prospects of activation of innovative process in forestry will be discussed.

The conference is the fifth one in the in series of international scientific meetings that were earlier held in the format of international meetings on conservation of forest genetic resources of Siberia (2007, 2015 – Altai Krai, 2009 – Novosibirsk Region, 2011 – Krasnoyarsk Krai).

Conference Languages: Russian, Belarussian, English

ATTENTION! A 5-day visa-free entrance is available now for foreigners visiting Belarus and traveling through the National Airport in Minsk. For more information regarding regulations of such short term visits, required documents and a list of eligible countries, please, see http://mfa.gov.by/en/visa/visafreetravel/e0ced19bb1f9bf2c.html.

Scientific scope:

  • Theoretical and methodical problems of studying, conservation and use of FGR.
  • Structure and dynamics of population gene pools, "relic" populations and migration, the strategy of conservation and reproduction of FGR in the conditions of global climate change and anthropogenic influence.
  • Objects of breeding, seed farming and conservation of a gene pool: problems, state and development prospects. Introduction of valuable species of wood plants.
  • 4. Genetics of quantitative and qualitative signs; breeding on stability, decorative effect and economic and valuable traits; genetic certification and marker-assisted selection; biotechnology, genetic and cell engineering.
  • Questions of training of experts and improve of their qualification in the field of studying and conservation of FGR.

The conference provides on-site and by correspondence participation.

Preliminary registration

We ask prospective participants to submit their participation forms and applications for oral or poster presentation by August 11, 2017, using the online registration for drafting a preliminary program.

Abstract Publication

Abstracts selected by the Organizing Committee will be published before the conference and posted on the conference website of the Institute of Forest of the NAS of Belarus and on the official web-page of the event. The Organizing Committee will not distribute materials. The conference materials can be submitted via site.

Presented reports on the results of the conference will be published in the peerreviewed publication from the list of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus.

Registration Fee

The expected regular conference fee for on-site participants will be 50 US dollars and 25 US dollars for young scientists (less than 35 year old). The final fee and terms of payment will be reported in the following information letter.

Cost of excursions and lodging are paid by participants or by their organizations.

PDF Proceedings of the 5-th International CONFERENCE "CONSERVATION OF FOREST GENETIC RESOURCES" (October 02-07, 2017, Homel, Belarus)

PDF Conference Programme (865 Kb)

PDF 2-nd Announcement (785 Kb)

PDF 1-st Announcement (434 Kb)

 Contact information 

Institute of Forest, Belarus National Academy of Sciences

Address: Proletarskaya Street 71,
246001 Gomel, Belarus

Phone/fax: +(375) 232 75-73-73

Contact phones:

+375 (232) 75-69-02
Dr. Vladimir E. Padutov
(Head of the Laboratory of Genetics and Biotechnology);

+375 (29) 128-06-41
Dr. Dmitry I. Kagan
(Senior Research Associate of the Laboratory of Genetics and Biotechnology)


 Key dates and deadlines 

Submissions of participation forms and applications for oral or poster presentation
– till 11 August 2017

Accepting of materials for publication
– till 11 August 2017

Mailing of invitations and the 2nd information letter with a preliminary program
– till 15 August 2017

Mailing of the 3rd information letter
- till 1 September 2017

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